​​​BOVINOCHE-Meat, Fire, Food and Fun!!

Go to Paellapans.com and use code chefjeff18 for a discount  (We do not get paid for endorsements of products we love and use.)

The Orion Cooker  fantastic cooker and smoker for all your needs.  I love what it does for chicken and turkey.  It can do much more,  The owner is a strong supporter of Veteran Causes and one of our very first sponsors when we started Bovinoche.  USE CODE  RHINO for $15 off.

Hans & Frans Biergaten Southern Hospitality with a German flair located here in Greenville SC.

Kudu Grills and Open Fire Cooking Company    This grill is my favorite grill for everyday cooking.  I use it once a week with charcoal or regular wood.   See why so many professional chefs use this at work and home. 

Bucky’s BBQ is a local and family owned BBQ restaurant in Greenville, South Carolina.

La Caja China Cuban Roasting Box, in my opinion, the best small pig cooker made and yes you can cook A LOT more than just pigs so check out their website.

Bovinoche !!

June 9th Columbia SC

City Roots 

 1005 Airport Blvd, Columbia, SC 29205

Yes!!! We cook Cows WHOLE!!